coWiki status and error codes

Valid for version 0.3.4, February 24 2005

This document explains the coWiki status and error codes and how to solve errors if necessary. Explanation of the status codes might be incomplete. If you find any bugs in this document or in the application itself, please report them at

For more information about the coWiki web collaboration tool itself, please visit its home at


Status families

All status code numbers are divided into "families" which are borrowed from the HTT-Protocol. There are five code families:

Status codes 100 - 199: Informational
Informational status codes mostly will give you a hint, what happend after an other status event or error. This could be e.g. a program termination information. These codes are not really errors, if they occur, then it is just for your - guess what :) - information. Look up the previous status code, which might describe the error, instead.
Status codes 200 - 299: Successful
Good to see those.
Status codes 300 - 399: Plugin/Template error
These codes are plugin- or template errors.
Status codes 400 - 499: Client error
Client errors occur if you or your contributors did something wrong. These errors are not really serious, probably you missed to fill out a form or maybe you lack of access permissions. Think about it logically and/or lookup the status code directly for a solution.
Status codes 500 - 599: Server error
If you have got any errors of this kind, you are in trouble. Server errors usually occur if something went really wrong - deep in the coWiki base (e.g. no storage- (database), authentification- or user-service connection). Anyhow, you probably will not be able to run coWiki as expected. As usual, read the description of the particular error code to get a solution. Ask your friend, an administrator or your ISP. Good luck ;)

At least, you may look up in or with the relevant keywords - it might help.

Status codes explained

0 - Unknown error.Solution:

110 - Program terminated.Solution:
This status is informational and appears mostly after a fatal error occured. Program execution has stopped probably after a previous serious error.Not necessary, look up the serious error status instead (if any).

111 - Program resumed.Solution:
This status is informational and appears mostly after a fatal but recoverable error has occured. Program execution has been resumed after a serious error.Look up the serious error status code and its solution (if any).

115 - Login refused.Solution:
Your credentials (login and/or password) are wrong or expired and has been rejected.Make sure your caps-lock is off: credentials are casesensitive. If it does not help, ask the administrator for what is wrong with your account.

116 - Account has expired.Solution:
This account has expired, it is not valid anymore.Ask your administrator to extend the validity of your account.

117 - Account is locked. Credentials rejected.Solution:
This account has been locked for security reasons after several unsuccessful logins within a "period of time". This lock will be suspended after a time period (minutes, hours or days), which is defined by the coWiki administrator.

All available data (access time, IP (ISP) etc.) of the client that caused the lock is logged and can be used to trace back any abuse attempts (intentional or unintentional).
Ask your administrator or wait.

118 - Account is not active. Credentials rejected.Solution:
This account has been deactivated.Ask your administrator.

210 - Task successfully completed.Solution:

310 - Internal plugin error.Solution:
This error should not occure. It is reserved for future use.none

311 - Plugin not found.Solution:
The requested plugin was not found or could not be loaded. An other reason might be a syntax error within the plugin component.Make sure you typed the plugin name correctly and that the plugin resides in its directory (plugins/). When calling plugins you have to omit their file extension. Plugin names are not casesensitve.

These calls are wrong ...
{plugin PrivateFrontBreadcrumbDisplay.php}
<plugin Custom.UsefulPlugin.php>
... and these are correct
{plugin PrivateFrontBreadcrumbDisplay}
<plugin UsefulPlugin>

312 - Context interface mismatch.Solution:
The API version used by a plugin is not correct. You have tried to invoke a plugin with an incompatible API, thus it can not be executed.Get a compatible version of the plugin you require.

313 - Missing plugin parameter.Solution:
A plugin invocation misses a mandatory parameter.Please make sure, that you provide the parameter and watch out for typos.

314 - Malformed plugin parameter.Solution:
A plugin invocation ran into a wrong formated parameter (e.g. an illegal URI).Take a look on the parameter/value format for the plugin.

315 - Foreign host not responding.Solution:
A foreign net resource is not reachable.Is your coWiki "online"?

316 - Format not supported.Solution:
coWiki tried to load and parse a file and did not recognized its format properly.Make sure that the format of the file is proper due to given standards. If this file has been loaded from a foreign resource, please check (or let check) if this resource is broken.

If this error was caused by a plugin invocation, remove the invocation.

320 - Template not found.Solution:
coWiki tried to load a HTML template but failed to do so. Apparently a required template was found not in its place.Check if your coWiki installation is complete.

321 - Template syntax error.Solution:
The coWiki template engine has detected a not recoverable error.Check (or let check) your template syntax.

322 - Template variable is an array.Solution:

330 - Plugin reflection not allowed.Solution:
The administrator of this software does not allow coWiki plugins to reflect themself.You will have ask the administrator directly about the information you desire.

403 - Forbidden.Solution:
You lack of permissions to access this resource.Log in to get the appropriate permissions or ask your administrator to get the permissions you think you require.

If you have clicked on a link with a trailing question mark (like A foo document?) and get this error, it means that the linked document does not yet exist and you do not have the appropriate access to create one in this directory.

404 - Not found.Solution:
As simple as it is: the requested resource is passed on. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It is expired and gone to meet its maker. It rests in peace.Facing this fact you can do nothing.


410 - Web not found.Solution:
Your database contains no webs.Log in, go to the administration panel and create a web.

411 - Web already exists.Solution:
A web with an equal name already exists in the database. Web names are not casesensitve.Try another name for your new web.

412 - Missing web name.Solution:
You did not enter a name for the web, which is mandatory.Enter a name for a new web.

420 - Directory already exists (in this web).Solution:
Directories must have unique names within a web.Choose an other name for your directory.

421 - Missing directory name.Solution:
You did not enter a name for the directory which is mandatory.Enter a name for your directory.

422 - Document already exists (in this web).Solution:
Documents must have unique names (titles) within a web.Choose an other name for your document.

423 - Missing document name.Solution:
You did not enter a name for the document which is mandatory.Enter a name for your document.

424 - Missing subject.Solution:
You did enter a subject for your posting.Enter a suggestive subject for your posting.

425 - Missing content.Solution:
What do you think you are doing here? Nonsense? Are you serious?Try it with your keyboard and the big text area.

430 - No items selected.Solution:
You did not select any items for your action.Please select (check) the items you want to act with.

431 - Can't delete. Directory is not empty.Solution:
The directory could not be deleted because it contains one or more directories or documents.Remove all content from the directory and delete it then.

432 - Can't recover.Solution:
The document (or directory) could not be recovered because it is not editable for you or the old location does not exist anymore.n/a

440 - Resource has been changed meanwhile.Solution:
Oops... somebody was faster. The document (or directory) you are working on was changed by somebody while you've edited it.Usually you will be warned only once - if you insist on saving your data, click the "save" button (again).

If you are curious to see what has been changed, open an other browser window, and call the node URI and compare.

441 - Data exceeds available space.Solution:
The data to be saved is too large.Split or shorten your data.

445 - Unbalanced quotation ratio.Solution:
You have quoted too much and/or wrote too little.Shorten the quoted text to a minimum that is needed to understand what matters, refer solely to what is absolutely required to understand the thread or write more text yourself to increase the ratio.

446 - Broken quotation.Solution:
You quotation is broken, probably you have placed your text on top the quotation.Write your text beneath the quotation your refer to.

Bad example (which causes this error):
Hey, just do it that way!

> this is the text you are referring to ...
> this is the text you are referring to ...
> TIA, foobar
Good example:

> this is the text you are referring to ...
> this is the text you are referring to ...

Hey, just do it that way!

> TIA, foobar

No problem, hope that helps, regards ...

450 - Unspecified form validation error.Solution:

451 - Missing data.Solution:
You did not enter data that has been required.Think about what you have (not) done.

452 - Malformed email.Solution:
The email you have entered is not valid. Either your email is not syntactically recognized or the administrator decided to disallow the domain name of your address. This might e.g. happen if you use an email address of a mass email provider to anonymize yourself.Use an other email address. Use your main email address.

453 - Date out of range.Solution:
The date range you have entered seems to be invalid.Enter a valid date range.

454 - Login already exists.Solution:
A user with this login name already exists in this coWiki installation.Please choose an other login name.

455 - User id (uid) already exists.Solution:
The user identifier is already there and can not be changed.Use an other user id.

456 - Unsecure password.Solution:
The password you have entered can't be accepted.Your password is probably too short. Choose an other - better - password.

457 - Group name already exists.Solution:
A user group with the name you have chosen already exists.Please use an other group name - or rename the existing one first and try again.

458 - Group id (gid) already exists.Solution:
The user group identifier is already there and can not be changed.Use an other user group id.

510 - File not found or not readable.Solution:
Either a file has not been found or it is not readable for the webserver process (uid/gid). An other reason might be a syntax error within the required file.Make sure the file is in its path and is readable for the webserver process. If so, check (or let check) if the file code is syntactically correct.

511 - Directory not found or not readable.Solution:
Either a directory has not been found or it is not readable for the webserver process (uid/gid). An other reason might be a insecure location of the required directory.Make sure the directory is in its path and is readable for the webserver process. If so, check (or let check) if the directory is on a secure place.

512 - File or directory not writeable.Solution:
coWiki could not write to a file.Adjust read/write access to the particular directory or file. Check if the volume is not full.

515 - Configuration file not found or not readable.Solution:
Either the configuration file has not been found or it is not readable for the webserver process (uid/gid).Make sure you have copied the includes/coWiki/core.conf-dist file to core.conf. This file have to be readable for the webserver process (uid/gid). An other reason might be a syntax error within this configuration file. Make sure the file is in its path and is readable for the webserver process. If so, check (or let check) if the file code is syntactically correct.

516 - Missing main configuration directive or version mismatch.Solution:
You main configuration file (core.conf) is not complete, lacks a required entry or is wrong version. Maybe you have updated coWiki without adjusting the configuration file?Please use the includes/coWiki/core.conf-dist file as example. Make sure you have copied the includes/cowiki/core.conf-dist completely to core.conf

This may be especially necessary, if you have updated your existing coWiki installation.

530 - Unsupported operating system.Solution:
This application is probably not designed to run on your platform, because either your platform lacks of important features of an operating system or has been not recognized as such.Use Linux or any Unix flavours to make yourself and coWiki happy.

531 - PHP version too old.Solution:
You are using an (too) old version of PHP.Upgrade your PHP to at least version 5.0.2. Any older version will cause subtle bugs within coWiki routines. You might download the latest version of PHP from

coWiki will not run properly on any prior PHP version! Do not submit occuring coWiki bugs beyond the required PHP version! Don't waste our time, thank you.

532 - PHP safe mode is on.Solution:
PHP is running in safe mode (which is default). This means, it is restricted in its functionality for security reasons. With the default safe mode=on coWiki won't run properly and you might (or will) lose data!Services that require safe mode=on are not used in this version, so ignore this message.

533 - crypt() function not implemented.Solution:
Your PHP does not support the crypt() function which is urgently required to encrypt passwords.Install a PHP version with crypt() implemented.

534 - Standard DES encryption not implemented.Solution:
Your PHP is not able to handle standard DES-based encryption with a two character salt.Install a PHP version with standard DES encryption implemented.

535 - Configuration mismatch.Solution:
Your httpd and/or vhost and/or PHP setups are not configured as expected.If you encounter this error, please provide the output of <?php phpinfo(); ?> on your server and get in touch with the coWiki developers via the developer mailing list. Please do not send the output of your phpinfo() directly to this list. The description of your problem and the URL to your server and its phpinfo() is adequate.

Do not expect any help if you pollute the developer list.

Also, please provide your coWiki version (which is 0.3.4, February 24 2005 ).

540 - Call to undefined PHP extension.Solution:
coWiki tries to use PHP extensions that are not compiled in your PHP-binary. Required functions were not found.Update your PHP or compile in the required extensions. Check the [.DOCUMENT], [.AUTH] and [.USER] sections in your core.conf. Maybe you are trying to use a not implemented service (such as MYSQL, LDAP etc.) for storage, authentification or user resolving. Lack of the GD library 2.0.1 or later might cause this error too.

a) change the entries as needed

b) use a small script like ...
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
... to check your installed extensions and/or

c) ask your friend, your adminstrator or your ISP for further information.

550 - Unsupported storage service API.Solution:
Either your core.conf is broken, or you are trying to use an API layer which is not handled.Enter a correct API layer identification scheme in your core.conf.

An example for your core.conf:

  RESOURCE = "mysql://LOGIN:PASSWD@localhost/DATABASE"

551 - Failed to connect storage service.Solution:
coWiki either can not connect your storage service (mainly database), or your credentials or database name are wrong.a) make sure your PHP scripts are basically able to access your database:
  • is your database up and running?
  • are you sure, really?
  • did you reload your (MySQL-) database after you have created a new user account?
  • did you granted proper privileges (SELECT, INSERT etc.) to your database or user before you reloaded it?
b) check user, password and database name settings in the core.conf file ([.DOCUMENT] section).

c) make sure you have created the coWiki tables in your database. You will find the table schemas in the /misc/database/ directory.

552 - Unknown authentification service callback.Solution:
The coWiki handler class that verifies the authentification credentials of a user was not found.Please check the [.AUTH] HANDLER entry in the core.conf file.

553 - Failed to connect authentification service.Solution:
coWiki could not connect the authentification service defined to check the users credentials.Please change the [.AUTH] RESOURCE entry in the core.conf file adequately to get rid of this error.

554 - Unsupported user service API.Solution:
coWiki is not able to use the access protocol/scheme you defined in [.USER] RESOURCE in your conf.conf file.Please check the URL scheme parameter (e.g. mysql://) in the [.USER] RESOURCE entry in the conf.conf file.

555 - Failed to connect user service.Solution:
The resource defined in [.USER] RESOURCE could not be accessed.Your credentials (login and password) in your conf.conf are probably wrong.

560 - Illegal query error.Solution:
An illegal service query raised this error.Check and fix your query code. If you think, this it is not your fault, please report a bugreport to the developers. Take a look at the head of this document for the URI of the bug-report-eating-machine.

End of this coWiki file. If you have unanswered questions please refer to the documentation on