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 Name:  Mailing lists
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What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is an automated list of e-mail addresses. Mailing lists are commonly used for software developers to announce changes to their program to those users who have opted to subscribe to the mailing list. Mailing lists also allow multiple subscribers to communicate with oneanother without any member needing to bother with remembering everyone else's email address.

Sourdough Mailing Lists

[sourdough-announce] - moderated announce mailing list

This list is a very low traffic list. If you are not interested in technical stuff and do not want to be bombed with source code details or CVS commit information, but just want to know if a new version of Sourdough has been released, this mailing list is for you: news of this kind will be announced there.

Please do not write to this list, as it is moderated and one-way mailing list. Your messages will merely be thrown away.

[sourdough-devel] - developer mailing list

Important: Please use the (()()) to report bug reports.

[sourdough-devel is the mailing list for developers of the Sourdough project.

Maybe you would like to contribute to the Sourdough project in any manner and help a little bit? Then this mailing list is the right place for you. Do not ask what Sourdough can do for you, ask what you can do for Sourdough :). Do not think you can't, we are sure you can.

Even if you do not want to contribute, but just want to know what is going on inside, you may subscribe to this mailing list.

Pigalle Mailing Lists

[pigalle-announce] - moderated announce mailing list


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