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 Name:  Changes
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 Modified:  27 Dec 05, 00:37
 Modified by:  Philip Iezzi (iezzip)
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Please always refer to the most current CHANGELOG on our CVS webtree.

Version: $Id: CHANGELOG,v 1.8 2005/12/26 20:52:48 cvs_iezzi Exp $

YaBook 0.97-alpha                                             2005-12-26
[summary] Finally YaBook fights against spambots!
[+] A great new feature: Anti-flood protection (Captcha)!
    User authentication with image verification on guestbook signing.
    This is an effective way of protect you from spambots.
[+] Deletion link in emails with administrator approvement turned on.
[*] removed site_url setting, now auto-detected by Sd_Url::getBaseUrl()
[*] requires Sourdough 0.3.3-alpha

YaBook 0.96-alpha                                             2005-08-14
[#] fixed cross site scripting vulnerability in entry content
[#] fixed on/off switch of BBcode while editing an entry
[#] fixed administrator confirmation of new entries
[*] support for international character entities, unicode conversion
[*] compatibility with Sourdough 0.3.2-alpha

YaBook 0.95-alpha                                             2004-05-10
[summary] first pulic release
[+] Fully customizable layout and interface (template based)
[+] Disallow HTML Code, BBcode support
[+] Email notification on new entries
[+] URL's will be transformed into links
[+] Multipages. Browsable entries with previous/next bar.
[+] User administration interface
[+] multi-language support with automatic language detection
[+] Ability to create multiple moderator and administration users
[+] Moderators are able to hide/unhide, delete, or edit an entry
[+] Administrator approvement of new entries if required

[summary] A short summary that describes the release
[+] new features
[*] improvements
[#] fixed bug (if available, specify request ID)

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