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Comparison: Releases
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Information About Releases

Here are some additional informations you should know about releases on

compatibility of releases

The releases of Pigalle and YaBook always contain a working copy of the Sourdough framework. You don't need to worry about it.

If an application release is not affected by a newer version of Sourdough and if there were no changes in the application, it might contain a previous version of Sourdough. It is always compatible with the most recent one found in the "releases" section.

There is no guarantee that any official release work with any snapshot release! If you use a snapshot of any application, you should always use a snapshot of the Sourdough framework at the same time.

Version naming uses the following version naming scheme: x.y-kn

  • x.y - Version number. We start with 0.1, and we will increment this number until 1.0.
  • k - This string indicates the version state:
    • alpha: The version is alpha. The code can be rewritten in future versions, and may not be compatible.
    • beta: The version is beta. Bugs are fixed and there are new functions. We'll make an effort in making these versions compatible.
    • RC: This is a 'release candidate'. Only bugs are fixed. All RC versions will be compatible. After this versions set, we will release the final version.
  • n - Indicates the minor version number (alpha1, beta1, RC3...).

SVN tags

On each release we tag the version using the following convention:

  • release: module-x.y-kn SVN tag: module_x_y_kn

For all versions below 1.0 we usually omit the 'kn' part.

SVN stripped

Releases do NOT contain any Subversion .svn directories. They all have been stripped. This is mainly due to people who don't want to use any SVN updates and don't want to clutter their server with this unused metadata.

If you wish to use SVN, either download a current snapshot release and then perform a svn update or check it out from SVN directly. Please check the Development page for further details.

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