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All files are hosted on ((, and as such are available from various mirror locations.


++ Releases

Unless you have good reasons you should always download the newest release from below:

* *Pigalle*
* latest alpha version: *0.76-alpha* [((] [((]
* *YaBook*
* latest alpha version: *0.98.2-alpha* [((] [((]
* *Sourdough*
* latest alpha version: *0.3.5-alpha* [((] [((]
* *PPhlogger*
* latest stable version: *2.2.5* [((] [((]

/*NOTE*: The above releases of Pigalle & YaBook already contain a working copy of the Sourdough framework. Usually this is the most recent version of Sourdough. You don't need to download the Sourdough package separately./

((Releases)(Additional information about releases))


++ Daily Snapshots

We give you the opportunity to test our latest versions. The archive files, that can be downloaded below, are auto-generated every night from our SVN repository. That means you are not downloading a stable package, but you get project source at exactly the state we left off yesterday evening. The packages may not be fully documented, some examples may not be working or sometimes they won't work at all.

You should not use these versions in a production environment, but only for testing purposes or if you would like to see, how our projects evolve. The latest official versions can be downloaded in the above section or directly over

<plugin autoindex dir="snaps" order="nd" head="false">

If you prefer to only browse the SVN repository, you may access it at (( For further information about SVN access, please refer to our ((Subversion access)) page.

/*NOTE*: The snapshot releases of Pigalle & YaBook do *NOT* contain the Sourdough framework. You need to download the Sourdough snapshot separately and copy it into the =<noop>/private/lib/</noop>= directory./

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