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Pigalle {%TITLE%}


  • Any kind of operating system. Pigalle has been tested on both Linux and Windows.
  • Apache webserver ( Pigalle works on both Apache 1.3.xx or 2.0.x. On Windows, it might work on IIS as well, but currently we are not doing any testing on it.
  • One of the following database systems:
  • PHP 5 or later version. PHP 4.3.x won't work! Currently Pigalle runs fine under PHP 5.0.0RC2. We do not support any lower versions.
  • Warning: ZendEngine2 (PHP 5) itself is under development too and might cause strange side effects, errors or segmentation faults.
  • of course all of it working together ... and a HTML-browser

For your information: the Pigalle demonstration we are using currently is actually served by a PHP {%PHP_VERSION%} and ZendEngine {%ZEND_VERSION%} backend.


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