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Mar 12, 2006 - Subversion Source Control

(iezzip) We have moved our source control off of the legacy CVS system on to a modern Subversion repository. Please read the instructions about accessing the SVN repository. At the same time we also set up a comfortable web-based interface to browse the repository online.

Jan 04, 2006 - and here we go... Happy New Year Releases!

(iezzip) I've just published another row of new releases: Pigalle 0.75-alpha, YaBook 0.98-alpha, Sourdough 0.3.4-alpha (Downloads). The Captcha image validation in YaBook has been improved. It contains a couple of other additions like Skype support and city entry field. In Pigalle an annoying bug has been finally fixed. Sourdough's still the base of everything.

Dec 26, 2005 - Christmas Releases!

(iezzip) Again, the whole collection has been released: Pigalle 0.74-alpha, YaBook 0.97-alpha, Sourdough 0.3.3-alpha (Downloads). YaBook now includes an effective way of flood protection. It uses Sourdough's Captcha image generation and verification.

Aug 14, 2005 - New maintenance releases

(iezzip) I've just published a whole set of new releases. You can grab the following from Downloads: Pigalle 0.73-alpha, YaBook 0.96-alpha, Sourdough 0.3.2-alpha. All new releases are maintenance releases only. They do not contain any major changes or new features. The Sourdough framework is now built on a more consistent Flyweight Pattern design.

May 16, 2004 - Mailing lists

(iezzip) Mailing lists are now hosted by You can see an overview of available mailing lists on Please first check the information on Forum / Mailing lists. Feel free to subscribe and start posting.

May 10, 2004 - First public release!

(iezzip) Finally I made it! All current code has been released to public. This site is now the default home of PHPEE.COM while the old one is still available on The following releases have just been published: Pigalle 0.71-alpha, YaBook 0.95-alpha, Sourdough 0.3.0-alpha. They are hosted by and you can grab them from Downloads. Enjoy!

Apr 22, 2004 - Temporary site launch

(iezzip) This wiki has been launched today to provide you with information about active development of We're proud to announce the following new projects: Pigalle (picture gallery), YaBook (guestbook), and the Sourdough framework. This site has not yet been opened to public. It will be available soon under .


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