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Sourdough - a web application framework for PHP

Sourdough - a web application framework for PHP

Sourdough is a comprehensive web application framework for PHP5. It provides web applications like Pigalle, YaBook and the upcoming PPhlogger3 with their base functionality.

The home of Sourdough is located at:

Sourdough provides developers with real-world solutions for common system components such as User Management, Session Handling, User Authentication, Exception Handling and Logging, Template System as well as Form Building and Handling. It does also include a database abstraction layer with excellent support for the popular MySQL database as well as support for many other database systems like MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and the new lightweight SQLite.

Even though development on Sourdough is an ongoing process you may already use it for your application development. Make sure you check back on Sourdough's project site from time to time to keep up with new releases. If you are using Sourough in your own project, please join the Who is using what?? list. We would appreciate if you join this list and other's might find your information useful.

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