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Power Phlogger

PowerPhlogger is a counter hosting and website statistics tool. It lets you offer counter service to others from your site. It's built on PHP and requires a MySQL database server. Your members don't need any PHP-support on their webserver. They just pass the required data through JavaScript to PPhlogger that is hosted on your server.

Currently development of Phlogger3, the future version of PowerPhlogger, is still going on and its source has not yet been opened to public. This future version will be based on the Sourdough framework and will support various different database systems as backend. It will be a whole rewrite of the existing PowerPhlogger code.

For now, please use the current version 2.2.5:

The home of PowerPhlogger is located at:

As soon as we are going to release Phlogger3, this information will be updated. There is still no release date. In the meantime, please check the following information about that project:


  • user sign-up page that allows users to create accounts
  • logs host/ip (proxy & 'real' IP), referrer, agent, time&date, resolution&color, online-time, pageimpressions
  • show traceroutes
  • avoid multiple hits by the same user
  • multiple page count - include PPhlogger on ALL your pages throughout your whole site
  • mail-notice - PPhlogger sends you an email every xx hits
  • optional: download-count
  • Top X referers, Top keywords (single-word or full-string mode)
  • Top X domains, Top territories
  • Top resolution, Top color
  • browser/OS statistics
  • Calendar - shows your daily/monthly unique hits or pageimpressions
  • Visitors per day / per hour graph
  • enable/disable your own hits
  • show/hide referrers in logs
  • (re)set your page hits
  • delete entries in your logfile
  • demo-mode to make stats available to public
  • display hits as a counter image on your page, highly customizable styles
  • CSS-editor: user may create his own StyleSheet or choose a default style
  • timezone support - user may choose his own GMT-time
  • multi-language support with localization files
  • average online-time
  • supports unlimited alternate URLs
  • visitor-path - shows the path were the visitor browsed through your site

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