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+ Power Phlogger
+ Power Phlogger


++ Announcement:

*Active development of PowerPhlogger has been stopped as of August 2006.*

PowerPhlogger has not had any active development for more than 2 years. The announced successor Phlogger3 will not be released. Also, I am not able to provide you with support for any previous version.<br>I am sorry about the bad news.<br>PowerPhlogger was a great project and it grew to a huge community of users and supporters. I really appreciate all the help and enthusiasm you brought towards this project.<br>During the last years I had to move on and focus on other projects. Sometimes it just seems that life's a bit too short for all the things I'd like to do...<br>All PowerPhlogger sites will stay online and the board on is still there. As long as you keep it running, PowerPhlogger will not die. Maybe, some day somebody will write a fork of PowerPhlogger and move on. I am looking forward to it.


((<plugin Embed src="" width="88" height="31" alt="visit PPhlogger project on!" style="float:right; margin-left:10px">))

PowerPhlogger is a counter hosting and website statistics tool. It lets you offer counter service to others from your site. It's built on PHP and requires a MySQL database server. Your members don't need any PHP-support on their webserver. They just pass the required data through JavaScript to PPhlogger that is hosted on your server.

Currently development of *Phlogger3*, the future version of PowerPhlogger, is still going on and its source has not yet been opened to public. This future version will be based on the ((Sourdough|Home)(Sourdough framework)) and will support various different database systems as backend. It will be a whole rewrite of the existing PowerPhlogger code.

For now, please use the current version *2.2.5*:

*The home of PowerPhlogger is located at: ((*

As soon as we are going to release Phlogger3, this information will be updated. There is still no release date. In the meantime, please check the following information about that project: ((


++ features

* *user sign-up* page that allows users to create accounts
* logs *host/ip (proxy & 'real' IP), referrer, agent, time&date, resolution&color, online-time, pageimpressions*
* show *traceroutes*
* avoid *multiple hits* by the same user
* multiple page count - include PPhlogger on ALL your pages throughout your whole site
* *mail-notice* - PPhlogger sends you an email every xx hits
* optional: *download-count*
* *Top X referers*, *Top keywords* (single-word or full-string mode)
* *Top X domains*, *Top territories*
* *Top resolution*, *Top color*
* browser/OS statistics
* *Calendar* - shows your daily/monthly unique hits or pageimpressions
* *Visitors per day / per hour* graph
* enable/disable your *own hits*
* *show/hide referrers* in logs
* (re)set your page hits
* delete entries in your logfile
* *demo-mode* to make stats available to public
* display hits as a *counter image on your page*, highly customizable styles
* *CSS-editor*: user may create his own StyleSheet or choose a default style
* *timezone* support - user may choose his own GMT-time
* *multi-language* support with localization files
* average online-time
* supports *unlimited alternate URLs*
* *visitor-path* - shows the path were the visitor browsed through your site

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